Orgamino - N13 is a nitrogen rich fertiliser with an additional content of SO3. It is derived from fermented molasses (vinasse).

The nitrogen-rich proteins are extracted after fermentation to produce a liquid and then dried to a 3mm granular fertilizer rich in macro and micronutrients, but low in chlorides and salt.

Because of the concentration of soluble extracts from these materials, it is a highly efficient plant-based fertilizer with a high percentage of protein-derived nitrogen with a release profile to combine fast action with sustained release.



Orgamino - N13 is plant based,  it has been approved by the Soil Association and it has been approved for for use in Organic Systems by OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers). Due to its unique composition, this fertilizer has a working time of several weeks and contains a variation of slowly and quickly released nitrogen elements. Approximately 50% of the nitrogen (65 gr / kg) is released during the first 14 days. The remaining 50% is released more slowly and gives the plant a balanced fertilization for several weeks. Of course, this is highly dependent on weather influences and other external factors.



Orgamino - N13 is designed to stimulate vigorous vegetative growth in all crops. One major advantage of this product is that the balanced release of nutrients allows fertilisation to last over 6 weeks. Nitrogen is an important nutrient as it forms proteins and increases the yield of all crops. It is the essential building block of plant structure and is vital to plant growth but can be a limiting factor in the uptake of other nutrients. Nitrogen is often leached from the soil so regular small applications will ensure efficient uptake without excessive losses